Convenience and gas station owners looking to pair with fast food franchises benefit from increased value, more foot traffic and additional revenue stream with A&W.

Pictured are a bacon cheeseburger with onion, lettuce and tomato; a pile of fries; and a Root Beer float in an A&W-branded mug. If you’re looking for a name-brand fast food franchise to partner with your convenience store and gas station locations, A&W Restaurants may be the right fit. We’ve got 100 years of experience, strong year-over-year sales and the brand recognition to help increase your foot traffic. A&W is known for our emphasis on great food and a family-friendly experience. We offer several advantages to C-store operators:

  • A menu with broad appeal
  • Floor plan flexibility that can allow C-store owners to fit our brand within property they already own
  • A strong supply chain that reaches all corners of the country
  • A company that is franchisee-owned with franchisee representation, meaning you have a say in the overall business strategy.

How A&W can help you amp up your business

Profit generators are a must for anyone in the gas business. By partnering with A&W, you can put a freestanding restaurant on your property in as little as 2,000 square feet.

A&W already partners with experienced brands like Casey’s and TravelCenters of America, and we are eager to welcome more C-stores and travel centers to help expand our reach as we help pump up your existing business.

Fast food franchises like A&W serve as a magnet for additional traffic to your site and allow you to capture more of your customers’ spending — at margins significantly better than fuel sales. Investing in A&W franchises provide you with another high-volume sales opportunity.

“We have a lot of signage for A&W in our C-store. We are working on a daily special plan and we’re in the process of getting register receipt coupons which will cross promote with our grocery. “Spend $25 get a free float, spend $75 get a free ‘something’,” says Brandon Brown, who owns a C-store with an A&W franchise, along with a grocery store and Subway franchise. “The Local Store Marketing support was one of the reasons we picked A&W. The marketing materials are very professional.”

A&W wins, too: Your convenience stores and gas stations allow us to expand our growth in a thoughtful way with companies whose values are similar to our own. We currently have 92 C&G locations, and we will increase those numbers in 2019.

Why you’ll love our fast food franchise

The A&W brand is owned by its franchisees, including the National A&W Franchisees Association (NAWFA). In fact, every employee at the A&W Restaurant Support Center works a shift in one of our restaurants at least once every quarter. There’s no better way to see how our processes are impacting the bottom line.

“It is refreshing that the team genuinely cares about your business and the team travels the road together with you,” says Brown. “There is no big ‘corporate’ mentality. A&W cares less about lining their pockets than your own success, and they know the business success is a two-way street. If we’re making money, they make money.”

NAWFA is comprised of owners who have spent years on the front lines of their own A&W franchises. They helped us successfully restructure the business model in 2011, and we have experienced an average sales increases of almost 33% since then.

We are there to support all our owner/operators, but it’s still your business. A&W provides you with our time-tested systems and the benefits of our supply chain, and we’re there anytime you need us. Our commitment to you is that we are dedicated to creating long-term recurring cash flow and potential multi-generational wealth for our franchisees.

Because we’re owned by our franchisees, there is no exit strategy — just long-term, sustainable growth plans.

Our number one goal is to help our operators grow profitable same-store sales, delivering value to our guests without sacrificing profitability.

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